About Keithian


Keithian was born and raised in the rich musical culture of New Orleans, Louisiana. His father was a Cuban TV Producer and his mother was a professional choreographer who owned a local dance studio. He was raised in an extremely creative environment, as both grandfathers were well known jazz musicians.

He was taught how to play the saxophone by his grandfather, with whom he performed in a family band and sang with a local gospel group. After accomplishing a regional hit on Christian radio and many shows, Keithian was discovered and recruited to join a local boy band. With several years of development, his group signed a record deal and began to work on their debut album. He continued performing and recording music with the group, but after creative differences, the group disbanded.

Keithian then began writing and producing for other artist’s, before landing a solo deal with Virgin Records. He moved to LA to start working on his debut album, but after several changes at the label, Keithian decided to part ways. Despite offers from other labels, he focused on mastering his creative ideas and collaborating with talented musicians, which eventually became his band, the Keyz. During that process, Keithian began finding HIS personal sound, mixing all genres and styles he’s been influenced by, resulting in a unique pop sound that gave him the motivation to become a solo artist again.

At the top of 2014, Keithian decided to round up his band, the Keyz, and they released an independent EP.  The Keyz  performed extensively across the U.S., and  after doing shows for a year and a half, Keithian took some time off from touring in 2017 to focus on the creation of his breakthrough EP, Off the Bayou. Keithian worked diligently to create a sound that was not only commercial, but authentic to his culture, brand, and musical influences. He began writing each song with piano, drums, and guitar, creating a dirty pop sound that will carve out his own lane in today’s cluttered music space.

Keithian is a major talent that makes timeless music, this is clearly evident when listening to Off the Bayou . What will give Keithian longevity and a lasting musical legacy, is the fact that he obsessively strives to become one of the greatest writers, performers, and brands of all time.

Join Keithian on his journey to greatness…